Animation Kit Review

Finding assets for my Camtasia & PowerPoint videos that help me easily create a visual video story are things I’m always on the lookout for.

Here’s a pretty nice collection from Cham Altatis.

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My basic take is that this is a useful set of assets even though I’m not a huge fan of cartoon characters. that being said, I can certainly see using many of them (sparingly!) in certain explainer video projects.

I’m much more interested in the other assets like animated icons (LOTS of them) and particularly enjoy the “hand” animations for some unexpected visual punch.

I also did a review video with some tips & tricks:


CLICK TO CHECK OUT THE ==> Animation Kit

Couple of things I’m not wild about. First, some of the animated badges already have text on them. I think a better way to go would have been to have just the graphic and then add a text callout in Camtasia to be able to customize it.

And speaking of customizing, I wish the single color transition effects were done in a pure grayscale color! That way, we could simply add a Colorize effect in Camtasia and make them any color we want. <sigh> But they are still handy.

The same goes for the animated shapes. Would be more versatile if they were color customizable right in Camtasia…

Overall, a solid collection and includes some bonuses like Easy Sketch software for making whiteboard doodle drawing videos.

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