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EyeSlick Platform

Wish I had time to purchase and review…but I don’t. Check it out for yourself and see what you think: >>> EYESLICK SOCIAL VIDEO PLATFORM <<<   Here’s a quick walk-through of the features: I can’t vouch for this product but it DOES look interesting. If I wasn’t slammed with other work, I’d check it […]

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Animation Kit Review

Finding assets for my Camtasia & PowerPoint videos that help me easily create a visual video story are things I’m always on the lookout for. Here’s a pretty nice collection from Cham Altatis. CLICK TO CHECK OUT THE ==> Animation Kit My basic take is that this is a useful set of assets even though […]

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TXT Video Review

This year, I started seeing some very interesting videos show up in my Facebook news feed. They were from a page called TXT Stories and they are hilarious! Basically, they are videos of smartphone texting conversations and, as you might imagine, some of those conversations are “interesting”. I liked the concept so much I even […]

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FREE “Comic Book” Style Graphics

Happy Friday! I’ve scored a nice freebie for you. Check out these awesome cartoon animations you can drag & drop into your video projects:  GRAB YOUR FREEBIES HERE ==> Comic Graphic Samples Be sure to check out ALL the cool stuff in the Comic Graphics Kit! It’s is a collection of high quality comic […]

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Easy Audio Lab Review

If you know me and follow my tutorials, you know that I teach how valuable audio is to your video work. A carefully selected music track for example can create a very special emotional response to your message. BUT…most folks make amateur mistakes like just “abruptly” cutting off the music at the end. The problem […]

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Disruptive Design Whiteboard Review

Most “Whiteboard” drawing videos are…how shall I put this…LAME? Silly looking obviously fake hands with pens or pencils “sketching” out images in a really cheap & cheezy fashion. Ugggg…amateur night! These are drawn differently!   CLICK HERE TO BUY ==> Disruptive Design Origin Collection Here’s a demo reel: WATCH MY FULL REVIEW & TUTORIAL BELOW: […]

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Reevio 2.0 Review

SPECIAL ALERT! Reevio is Relaunching from Jan. 10th to Jan. 14th for a ONE TIME LIFETIME PRICE of just $67 In June of 2016, I discovered a little known video creation tool called Reevio. There was no huge product launch or big hyped promotions…it was released rather quietly. But I picked it up and became […]

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Camtasia 9 Editing Text

Maybe you’re like me…NOT a big fan of the Camtasia 8 “Text Editor” interface? I’m happy to report that I’m much happier with how text is edited in Camtasia 9! You just edit it right in-place on the Canvas and there are some nice advantages to this. That being said…there are a few “gotchyas” working […]

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Camtasia 9 Hotkeys

If you’re like me, you would be a fan of using software “hotkeys” to perform tasks quickly instead of wielding my mouse all over the screen to click buttons & stuff. CTRL-C for Copy and CTRL-V for Paste are handy common examples and they still work the same in Camtasia 9. In this Episode tutorial, […]

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Camtasia 9 Playhead Snapping

Working on the timeline in Camtasia and making edits often requires a degree of precision in lining up elements to each other. The handiest feature for doing this is Playhead “Snapping” which automatically “snaps” the playhead position exactly to things like callouts, markers, clips, etc. While the feature still exists in Camtasia 9, by default […]

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