Camtasia 9 Editing Text

Maybe you’re like me…NOT a big fan of the Camtasia 8 “Text Editor” interface?

I’m happy to report that I’m much happier with how text is edited in Camtasia 9!

You just edit it right in-place on the Canvas and there are some nice advantages to this.

That being said…there are a few “gotchyas” working with text in Camtasia 9. Here they are:

Here’s the link to the TTF Montserrat font I found:

You can also get it HERE: Google Fonts


In the video, I mentioned that I couldn’t find Montserrat Italic or Bold Italic. That’s incorrect. The zip file from 1001freefonts DOES have all the Montserrat font styles…I just didn’t install them. DUH!

If I find other useful ones (like for my favorite Bebas Neue!), I’ll post them here also.

One idea that I haven’t tested yet is that apparently there is a site that will try to convert OTF fonts to TTF (I’ll let you know what I find for this also):

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