Camtasia 9 Playhead Snapping

Working on the timeline in Camtasia and making edits often requires a degree of precision in lining up elements to each other.

The handiest feature for doing this is Playhead “Snapping” which automatically “snaps” the playhead position exactly to things like callouts, markers, clips, etc.

While the feature still exists in Camtasia 9, by default it’s turned off. This caused me a bit of frustration until I figured it out and the fix to make it work the same as in Camtasia 8 is really easy:

That being said, if playhead snapping is NOT something you want on by default you are good to go and if you want to toggle it on / off now you know how!

Be aware that there are other snapping features that can also be employed or turned off:

Lon Naylor

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