Camtasia 9 Recorder SAVE Options

Camtasia 9 Survival Guide: Episode #2
“What Happened To My Camtasia Recordings?”

One of the first things you’ll run into when using Camtasia 9 to create videos is that the Recorder now acts very differently by default. This may very well leave you literally scratching your head and saying, “HUH?”

Let’s cover why that is and how you can change the defaults to be more like what we’re used to in Camtasia 8 (if that’s what you would prefer):

Ultimately, how you want to handle the saving of your Camtasia Recordings is a matter of personal preference but at least now you understand what your options are!

In the video, I mentioned that staying organized is my prime motivation for making the changes to my Recorder options that I did…

Here are some more top tips that might help you improve the workflow and organization of your Camtasia projects.


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