Camtasia Animations 101 – Master them once & for all!

One of the things beginners (and even seasoned users) of Camtasia struggle with is:

How to easily do animations!

In this tutorial (taken from one of my Screencast Coaching Webinars), I’ll give you the low-down on what you really need to know to be able to start doing Camtasia animations like a pro:

As you can see, once you get the basics down and understand HOW this all works, you’ll be able to effectively increase your use of animations and add visual engagement to your work.

Remember: Do NOT over-use these but rather add them for specific effect. 😉
I pulled this little gem from one of my Screencast Coaching Webinars
where I show folks my tips, tricks, and tools for making killer screencast videos.

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I mean, who ELSE is showing you this kind of stuff? Anyone?

Well, that’s because my goal is to deliver the kind of Top Tips and Tactics that I wish I’d had when I first started making screencast videos.

To your killer screencast success,

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