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Easy Audio Lab Review

If you know me and follow my tutorials, you know that I teach how valuable audio is to your video work. A carefully selected music track for example can create a very special emotional response to your message. BUT…most folks make amateur mistakes like just “abruptly” cutting off the music at the end. The problem…

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Disruptive Design Whiteboard Review

Most “Whiteboard” drawing videos are…how shall I put this…LAME? Silly looking obviously fake hands with pens or pencils “sketching” out images in a really cheap & cheezy fashion. Ugggg…amateur night! These are drawn differently!   CLICK HERE TO BUY ==> Disruptive Design Origin Collection Here’s a demo reel: WATCH MY FULL REVIEW & TUTORIAL BELOW:…

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Reevio 2.0 Review

SPECIAL ALERT! Reevio is Relaunching from Jan. 10th to Jan. 14th for a ONE TIME LIFETIME PRICE of just $67 In June of 2016, I discovered a little known video creation tool called Reevio. There was no huge product launch or big hyped promotions…it was released rather quietly. But I picked it up and became…

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Viddyoze 2.0 Reopens for a LIMITED Time

Quick HEADS-UP: One of my favorite video animation tools of 2016 has re-opened their launch deal for just a couple of days: CHECK OUT –> Viddyoze 2.0 QUICK NOTE: The animation videos with alpha transparency (i.e. “overlays”) will not work in Camtasia 9 but are ok in Camtasia 8 if you have QuickTime. I put…

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Reevio Animation Software Review

  Check Out Reevio! CLICK HERE ==> REEVIO Use Coupon Code reev5 at checkout for $5 off until midnight Friday 10/07/2016. This is a “pre-launch” offer. Formal launch will be Nov. 1st, 2016 In this review, I’ll be covering a new video animation tool called Reevio. Reevio is a cloud-based video animation creation app that kicks…

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VideoHub Review

I’ve purchased and done some pretty extensive testing on an interesting app that creates video “galleries” called VideoHub. 1. CHECK OUT ==> VideoHub Gallery Creator This cloud-based software app lets you quickly and easily create “gallery” pages to showcase your videos. The key is that they are REALLY easy to create with no coding required and integrate…

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