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Camtasia Animations 101 – Master them once & for all!

One of the things beginners (and even seasoned users) of Camtasia struggle with is: How to easily do animations! In this tutorial (taken from one of my Screencast Coaching Webinars), I’ll give you the low-down on what you really need to know to be able to start doing Camtasia animations like a pro: As you […]

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Free PowerPoint Effects Template

Over the last year, I’ve had really great results and responses from my live presentations at seminars around the country. One of my favorite’s has been one called: “How To Create Your Very Own Killer Video In 45 Minutes!” In that presentation, I use a PowerPoint 2010 template with nice design and some “pre-built” animation […]

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Free “Censor Beep” Sound Effect and tutorial

Here’s a little tip & screencast video tutorial I pulled from one of my Screencast Coaching Webinars. I show how to create and use a “censor beep” sound effect (download it below the video). I also demo a nifty little trick for creating some text content and then “timing” it to my audio narration. Click […]

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