Disruptive Design Whiteboard Review

Most “Whiteboard” drawing videos are…how shall I put this…LAME?

Silly looking obviously fake hands with pens or pencils “sketching” out images in a really cheap & cheezy fashion. Ugggg…amateur night!

These are drawn differently!


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Here’s a demo reel:


These come in Animated GIF, MOV, PNG, and SWF formats. Here are the pros & cons of that:

  1. The Animated GIF’s & PNG’s work great in Camtasia 9.
  2. The MOV’s? Not yet…but I’ve talked to the developer and they are looking to encode them to work in CS 9.
  3. Frankly, the GIF’s look pretty darn good but are best against a white background.
  4. If you want images to stay on screen longer than the file lasts, you have to do a quick little trick of Export Frame As to get a still image to put on top of the animated one at the end. See the tutorial above on how to do this.
  5. The package comes with plenty of high quality assets that can be used in almost any project!
  6. Developer Rights are INCLUDED.
  7. The One-Time Offers (OTO’s) are for additional packages of more assets.

RECOMMENDED for fresh new visual fun for your video creating Library!


Download and extract these samples (in static PNG and animated GIF formats):

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