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If you know me and follow my tutorials, you know that I teach how valuable audio is to your video work. A carefully selected music track for example can create a very special emotional response to your message.

BUT…most folks make amateur mistakes like just “abruptly” cutting off the music at the end. The problem is that it’s hard to find music tracks that are the exact length you need, right?

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Picture this: you finally found just the right track… it’s 1 min 30 sec, but your video is 2 min 45! UGH! what do you do?

Each EasyTracks bundle contains a library of “elastic” soundtracks that you can use with Easy Audio Lab (included with each bundle) to create professional soundtracks that match the duration of your video quickly and easily.

All EasyTracks are keyword-searchable from within Easy Audio Lab.

Simpy search for a track that fits your needs, click on Add, set the desired duration for the soundtrack, click on “Build A Track”, export, and add the soundtrack to your video. BOOM!

For years, I’ve used software called SonicFire Pro to do this. But it costs $199 and comparable “Elastic Tracks” cost up to $50 each so this is one heck of an offering – BUT, it’s for a very limited time only.

The music is VERY good quality and tracks will cost you LESS THAT A BUCK APIECE.

The software installed easily and Scott Hamlin’s excellent tutorial made it all pretty much a breeze.


>>> Learn more about Easy Tracks and Easy Audio Lab HERE


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