FREE “Comic Book” Style Graphics

Happy Friday! I’ve scored a nice freebie for you.

Check out these awesome cartoon animations you
can drag & drop into your video projects:

GRAB YOUR FREEBIES HERE ==> Comic Graphic Samples

Be sure to check out ALL the cool stuff in the Comic Graphics Kit!

It’s is a collection of high quality comic
graphics that you can use in your videos or videos
for your clients (Developer Rights included).

CHECK OUT ==> Comic Graphics Kit

There are 1000+ graphic files in there and they include…

-Speech Bubbles

I’ve been working with Niranjan (one of my favorite
graphics designers) to make sure these work in Camtasia
9 and higher. Yep! The MOV versions with alpha channel
transparency are good-to-go!

This is a BIG collection of handy static and animated
graphics for your video toolkit AND it’s out today
at Early Bird pricing:

A pretty sweet bargain ==> Comic Graphics Kit Early Bird

I like these!

Have a great weekend!

– Lon Naylor

About the Author Lon Naylor

  • Gustavo says:

    Great. Thank yoy!!!

  • Don Dantice says:

    Hello Lon: Since getting this email I checked back to see the first product I purchased from you. 8/6/08 screencast profits. I logged in and it is still there Thank You for that. There is still good info there. Ha, I an even a Gold member. and all those modules are still there.
    I too want to say Thank you for all the pp templates and other goodies you have put out there. I am 77 now and still glad to get your emails, Can’t always purchase though. Anyway the best to you and yours.

    • Lon Naylor says:

      Hey Don!
      Wow! Thanks so much for being a loyal subscriber and for the kind words. Means a lot to me!
      Take care my friend,
      – Lon

  • John White says:

    Hi, Lon

    Am I correct to assume that the .png images are not editable?

  • >