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Over the last year, I’ve had really great results and responses from my live presentations at seminars around the country. One of my favorite’s has been one called: “How To Create Your Very Own Killer Video In 45 Minutes!”

In that presentation, I use a PowerPoint 2010 template with nice design and some “pre-built” animation effects. What I found was:

I ended up using those particular effects over and over again in LOTS of PowerPoint videos since then!

So…I created a slide deck with my 4 favorite effects that I use as a template and I thought others might find it useful too.

I also had a bit of fun with this video by creating a little sound track for it in my recording studio! ;-) Here ya go:

You can open or download the PowerPoint file here:

==> Quick Effects Tool Kit #1

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions.

NOTE: This template only works for PowerPoint 2010…

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Thanks and have fun!

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