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Throw away your optin boxes and sack your squeeze pages. Here’s a much easier and cheaper ‘value first’ way to rapidly build your list with groundbreaking software:


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Bonus #1. Whitelabel Rights to Your First 1000 Subscribers Training


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]YourFirst1000Subscribers_prv2-1In this unique training I’ve developed, I’ll show you the specific process to generate you first 100-1000 leads from scratch with NO PPC or adspend.

These are leads ready to buy from you & leads that trust you, no spammy Solo Ad or buying an old list tactics will be used!

This method will be used for TODAY’s internet and goes far beyond the simple: squeezepage/optin-bribe method.

  • You’ll learn how to instantly position yourself as an authority & educator from the start.
  • How to warm up or ‘presell’ cold leads so they are ready to buy and WANT to subscribe to your list
  • 4 Easy ways to generate traffic that don’t require spending money
  • An easy way to get top influencers to promote your new-age optin page, even if they’ve never heard of you or you don’t have thousands of social media followers
  • What are ‘content upgrades’ and which specific types are converting the best right now for you to use!

and far more.



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#2. Whitelabel Rights to Email Marketing Profits Course


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]img_10154_01Learn How to Make a Full Time Living With Email Marketing!

If you are a blogger, online business owner or a freelancer, email marketing is the best tool to make sales in any form of marketing!

This course will show you how to actually make money from your list, what types of emails to send that make money, and how to grow your list quickly.

And if you are skeptical about how easy this amazing method works, as soon as you go through this training you’ll be blow away.



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#3. Whitelabel Rights to 12 Great Softwares to Build Your List Fast!


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Do what you please with all these lead generation softwares and plugins:

WP Sales Robot

large_9816_01Double or triples your sales with this new software.

WP Sales Robot is a plugin that can be used to add content to a normal WordPress page and allows you to place upsell bookings or orders.

With this plugin you can­ create a page of additional product offerings on top of a main product ordering process, so users can purchase an additional product.

Power Indexer Pro

large_7937_01Are you creating tons of videos and content but getting no organic traffic from them?

If so, many of the backlinks your building my simply not be getting indexed!

Power Indexer Pro will solve that for you. This piece of amazing software will get all of your URLs indexed and eventually bring extra traffic to your sites.

The tool is also 100% Google Panda and Penguin friendly so don’t have to worry about it.

Easy Builder

WP-Easy-BuilderUse this software to quickly and easily build sales pages for any marketing campaign you want to run.

Includes special Live, in-browsing editor to create high converting landing pages to increase optin, sales, and more!

Local Lead Booster

Local-Lead-Booster-1-400x400Do you own a local business or provide services to local businesses?

Boost local sales by installing powerful local targeted sites for different types of businesses! Very easy to brand and reuse for different campaigns you run.

Video Optin

WP-Video-Optin1Combine the power of video marketing and popup technology to create video popups that quickly capture attention and most importantly, actually get you optins!

Works with WordPress and is very easy to install and get started. Make your site convert visitors far faster with this simple and powerful software.

WP Coupon Pro

WP-Coupon-ProCoupons are the fastest way to take a browser and convert them to a ‘buyer’. And now you can create custom coupons to use on your site with this advanced software.

You’ll have full access over the campaigns you create complete with QR codes and even display ‘groupon’ style coupons to help convert local businesses!

Speed Lock

img_7389_01Create Unlimited Speed Countdown Viral Pages. SPEEDLOCK Features:

  • The Power of The Time Limit
  • Collect Email Leads With Ease
  • Easy to Setup and Install
  • Facebook + Mobile Enabled
  • Full Blog System
  • Typography Fonts
  • Add Your Video
  • Easy to Edit
  • Timed Lock Out
  • Send Twitter Traffic
  • Design Options Change on The Fly
  • Tweet Payment Option
  • Featured Box Elements

and more to use scarcity to drive up conversions!

CTA Revealr

img_7388_01Create gorgeous and high-converting CTA buttons inside of WordPress. Build your list and get visitors to take action far faster with this new software. Complete with shortcodes to use over & over, amazing styles, and far more!

Viral Video Box

viral-video-boxsmallViral Video Box” Brand Audio and Video players with your logo, content and add time-stamp call outs such as a pop-up notice, flashing button and auto-responder optin popup.

This plugin allows you to create unlimited players and publish using a simple shortcode. Include social media, and even an embed code for users to share you customized player!”

Link Tweet

wplinktweetpThis is the FASTEST way to increase your Twitter following and get free, organic traffic from Twitter. Quickly shortcode anything on your site for readers to easily retweet.

This strategy is used by top marketers like Neil Patel and Derek Halpern to help increase traffic to their sites… and now you can too!

Sales Graphics Editor

Sales-Graphic-Editor-400x400Use this software to quickly create sales pages and graphics to use in your marketing. Do you launch or want to sell WSOs?

Then this is the perfect software to create sales images to use in your promotion! Use this to create buy button, headlines, CTAs, and far more to drastically boost sales.

eCover Creator 3d

eCover-Creator-400x400Do you need to create a great look eCover for your software product or ebook fast? Then use this pro software to create a gorgeous looking 3D ecover to make your product look professional.


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#4. 2 Premium WordPress Themes to Use for Blogging/Lead gen. with Developers Rights


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  • Catalyst Theme


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  • Premium Blogging Theme


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#5. Traffic Training Suite $297 Value


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Bing Ads Magic

large_8926_01Learn how to drive cheap targeted traffic from Bing Ads! Did you know there’s tons of traffic available from Bing, but it’s PPC costs are FAR less than Adwords.

Learn in details how to get started with Bing Ads, how to bid and set up your campaigns correctly, and how to optimize for the lowest prices allowed to drive penny traffic to your SpyStream pages!


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Insta Ads Training

img_10509_01Learn How to Make Money Online With Instagram!

Social networking sites have become a hub for business owners to promote their businesses and engage with potential consumers. This has lead to Social Media Optimization become an integral part of the business’ marketing strategies.

Instagram is one such networking site that has only become bigger since its lunch in 2010. Instagram is a social networking site based on a combination of photo and video sharing.

Contrary to general perception, Instagram not only caters to the retail and food industry, it also holds a lot of potential for the other business types, as long as you use the right strategies.[/text_block]

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Free Traffic X

Acquire Additional and Targeted Traffic to Your Business and Make More Sales!

If you have been in the internet marketing industry, you might already knew how traffic is very important to your business website. The challenge now is though is where you can find those quick traffic that will surely convert and make them keep on coming back again.

Inside this product bundle is a series of traffic generation video tutorial series that you can apply today and start generating a lot of targeted traffic to your online business[/text_block]

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#6. List Building Free Tools


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List Building Free Tools

Learn How to Build Your Online Business Empire Using these Free Email Marketing Tools!

The money is in the list. This is what you always heard from successful online business owners. And if you are not doing it, you are just wasting your time and effort in driving traffic to your website.

Well, building an email list needs some money investment for the autoresponder or newsletter software services, but do you know that there are some tools having the same features to the leading tools that you can use for free?

Inside this video series are some of the list of those tools that you are about to use in your email marketing campaigns to build a list fast and for no cost!



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OTO BONUSES: Get Any OTO and Get All These High-Value Bonuses


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Whitelabel Rights to Email Countdown Mate

Email-Countdown-Mate_prvWP Email Countdown is a plugin that will allows you to create beautiful Countdown Timers INSIDE Your Emails.

This will help to increase conversions, sales and also Click-Through-Rate inside your emails because now the moment someone opens your email they immediately see the timer ticking to zero, urging them to take action right away.

First design your countdown timer…


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Whitelabel Rights to EZ Launcher Software

Get Your Hands Onto A Breakthrough WP Plugin That Will Allow You To Quickly Set Up Your WordPress Blog And Get It ‘Up And Running’ In Less Than 30 Seconds!

If you are a niche marketer, affiliate marketer or online entreprenuer that have lots of wordpress websites to launch on, having a tool that will automate the launching process would be a huge help to save more time.

The good news is that inside this product is the tool that you have been looking for so long. Its name is called WP EZ Launcher software.



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SLX Solo Ad Traffic System

large_10186_01-1Build Your List for Free with Videos and Solo Ads Even if You’re Just Starting Out and Can’t Make Videos!

If you want to build a huge and successful empire online, the suggestion of many successful online entrepreneurs is to build an email list. And if you are not doing it, you may leave a lot of money in front of you and regret the opportunity that you’ve made in the past.

That’s why one of the fastest and best ways to get started is to use solo ads in a variety of niches. This training will show you exactly how to do that starting from scratch![/text_block]

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Funnel Hacking Video Series

Learn How to Filter Our Your Target Prospects and Convert Them into Loyal Customers!

If you want to succeed in business online or offline, observe what the successful marketers are doing. That is what Funnel Hacking is all about!

Mastering the setting up of sales funnel needs a lot of experience and skills for a business owner to determine if it will work or not.

The good news is that inside this video series, you are about to learn the fundamentals of setting up an effective sales funnel and only by taking action will give you much experience.



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Hyper Traffic Pro Course

Hyper-Traffic_prv3-269x300Learn in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions personally from me (not some junk PLR course) how to get free, continuous traffic from YouTube! You’ll learn..

  • The biggest mistakes people make setting up their YouTube channel
  • What types of videos actually work for engagement
  • How to get visitors from browsing videos into your email list
  • What’s working now as far as video SEO in Google & YouTube
  • How to get initial, cheap or free traffic to your videos & channel to get the ball rolling
  • How to do video cross promotion for channel strength and free traffic
  • and FAR more you can apply TODAY to drive leads.

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All these bonuses will be in your LeadLock membership after you purchase.