PowerPoint Intro Video Clip Template

OK folks.

free-powerpoint-template-introI see a LOT of people creating these 30 second special effects extravaganzas for Camtasia “Intro” clips. While these are fun ‘n’ all, they probably don’t help your video marketing cause as much as one might think.

Let’s keep things simple and SHORT!

Nobody cares about a flashy Flash splash clip…at least not as much as they just want to get on with the video content!

Here’s a little PowerPoint template and tutorial with a clean, simply, and elegant way to quickly introduce the topic of your video (sorry about the mumbling kinda thing. I had just had dental surgery):

Try it and let me know what you think!

Here is the template ==> Open Brackets Intro Template

Just make your text modifications, adjust the bracket path if necessary and then use our standard Slide Show -> Record Slide Show method to record the action.

Once that’s done (in PowerPoint 2010), do a File -> Save & Send -> Create Video and export your cool Intro which will create a WMV video file you can drop right into Camtasia.

Love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment!

Lon Naylor

This template and tutorial is from one of my Screencast Coaching Webinars. I don wanna brag but…if you can find a more kick butt weekly coaching webinar with more useful stuff at this stupid low price? Jump on it…oh, and let me know what it is ’cause I want it too!


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