Reevio 2.0 Review


Reevio is Relaunching from Jan. 10th to Jan. 14th for a ONE TIME LIFETIME PRICE of just $67

In June of 2016, I discovered a little known video creation tool called Reevio. There was no huge product launch or big hyped promotions…it was released rather quietly. But I picked it up and became an instant fan.


Here’s a short “demo reel” I created at the time in Version 1 showcasing some of my testing experiments (put together in Camtasia):

Don Maynard, the creator of Reevio, has been working for over a year on the NEW version 2.0.

Check out this Demo Reel from Version 2:

Here is my full blown review with testing samples and demos (work in progress – I’ll be adding to this post over the next few days).


Reevio is a cloud-based video animator and creator. There is no software to install and it runs on all platforms. I haven’t tested it in all browsers but Chrome seems to have problems scrolling with the mouse wheel (kinda irritating). IE (Internet Explorer) seems to work fine.

There are LOTS of really interesting templates, easy to work with, and (most importantly) actually useful.

A couple of the BIG advantages compared to other cloud-based template systems are:

  1. During this RELAUNCH Phase: A very low priced ONETIME fee (not monthly) of $67.
  2. Unlimited renders! In version 1, it was a fixed number of renders…
  3. Commercial / Developer rights included!

Most systems give you some templates in a front-end offer and then charge around $37 per month for new templates and/or to get Developer rights. The Reevio model is a pretty big break from that and results in some serious value.

The tutorials are a little on the weak side. Of the 5 currently on the site, only one has narration and the others are less than 30 seconds long each. They do however pretty much show you what you need to know to use the system and they are currently working on new tutorials.

The only real downside I’ve run into is that, as with most online video creators, you are limited as to how much you can modify stuff. You don’t get ABSOLUTE control over changing EVERY element.

For example, the text fields are of fixed lengths (number of characters), you can’t change fonts, and you can’t move text fields around.

This isn’t a huge deal…just plan your content accordingly.

On the plus side, you can change lots of things like text color, backgrounds, images & video, and even search their built-in libraries of images & videos or find them on Pixabay and Pexels right inside the app.

For absolute BEST results, I’ll still pull the content Reevio creates into Camtasia (or any other video editor) to tweak & fine tune. But Reevio gives me a ton of awesome assets to work with!

Overall, this is one of the best value cloud-based video creation tools I’ve seen in a long time.


Highly recommended!

  • Lon Naylor


There are a couple of OTO’s (One-Time-Offers):

  1. Reevio Template Club: $37/mo 15 templates including a minimum of 50 animated scenes
  2. Upgrade with more pro features – $97






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    It’s $67 for beta. Next year does the price go up or are beta users locked in at $67?

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