I love making video training products, sales & marketing videos, great tutorial videos to help all you fine folks…

But I HATE building websites to sell my video training courses!

Even with WordPress as the platform, it’s always such a chore to “duct tape” everything together. Themes, pages, membership areas, payment processing, plugins, social media capabilities and sharing, hosting on cloud servers…geeze!

I’ve been looking for a solution for quite a few years. I really liked the Kajabi platform when it came out but it is just so frickin’ expensive! I cancelled it almost immediately…

Earlier this year I found and bought what I think is finally going to be what I need to get sites up quick & easy:


Here’s an impromptu look at what it is from my weekly screencast coaching webinar:


FOR A LIMITED TIME (until July 12th, 2012), you can get the same system I have including UNLIMITED sites and some big bonuses.

Click HERE to watch the full webinar replay and demo:


This is an hour long so budget some time. If this is a fit for you and you want to get bullet-proof sites up without dealing with a ton of technology…it is well worth the investment of time to watch!

Want a time saving tip?

1. Click this link ==> Watch Webinar

2. Go to close the webinar page

3. Choose “Stay On This Page” at the Exit Popup

4. Enter your name & email

5. You will then be able to watch the good stuff WITH player controls so you can Pause, Rewind, etc.

Don’t you just hate videos with no controls?? I do…

Anyway…I wanted to give you a heads up on this because of the limited time offer. I’m currently building some sites with it to market some of the TONS of products I own resell rights to but was too lazy to get them up and going.

I think it’s worth noting that what I’m getting is really the things I don’t need to now worry about:

7-7-2012 6-45-38 AM

Pretty good list…

I’m recommending that even if you think you can use this, grab it.

If you don’t like it…get a full refund!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


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8 Responses to “SiteSales System Review”

  1. Paul Cutright

    Hi Lon,

    I just watched all of these videos with Layne and we are VERY interested in getting Site Sales! And we have some questions we think maybe you can answer for us.

    First, let me say I share your frustration with and hate for WordPress!!

    What Layne wants to know is if we can duplicate our paulandlayne.com site and blog with Site Sales. I think we should be able to do that, especially since you can create non-sales pages with their system, e.g., member pages, etc.

    We have been looking at moving over to InfusionSoft, whichi s so pricey! This looks like it would eliminate the need for that upgrade from 1SC to InfusionSoft. We would just need to get a separate A/R system to replace the one with 1SC. But even with that the savings would be enormous over time.

    Anway, I appreciate anything you can share about your experience with this system. And if you’re available for a brief phone conversation that would be really great!



    • Lon Naylor

      Hey Paul,

      I don’t know if I would try to migrate a live production site of any complexity over. This sounds like a nightmare to me. I’m using it to build simple, new sites from scratch (or using code from resell rights product sales & squeeze pages).

      As for InfusionSoft, I guess that would depend on your sales funnel, volume, etc. but I would hesitate to recommend SiteSales for you and Layne as a replacement for it…

      That being said, you can always get it…try a few tests…and just get a refund if it isn’t what you need.


  2. Mike

    Hey Lon
    I just recently got into screen casting, and naturally found you as the Uber Guru in this awesome skill set!
    Just recently got Camtasia 8, but I am holding back from your main course till you update.

    But the marketing course, and the PowerPoint course are the bomb!

    Now back to this post. I must totally disagree with you in regards to SiteSales.
    Do a search on Google and try to find a lot about this-you can’t.

    Go to the warrior forum and try to get a positive thread-you can’t!

    Just check this thread out “Site Sales – Norman Freeman”, with the last entry of today.

    I am totally with you in regards to building websites. I too have Optimize Press and although I think it’s the best thing out there, it still has a steep learning curve. I also notice you use it for this site as well.

    Not trying to throw cold water on this but my honest opinion is that SiteSales needs a little bit more work before anybody should dive in.

    My two cents…YMMV

    Mike Robbins

    • Lon Naylor

      Thanks for the compliments and comments Mike! Like I said in my first video review…this isn’t perfect. I do use WP, Optimize Press, Digital Access Pass on LearnCamtasia.com and (let me be clear for everyone) I will NOT be trying to migrate. Too many pages, databases, etc…

      As for the Warrior Forum…well, I don’t honestly put much stock in comments there. I’ve found over the years that it is basically a bunch of freebie seeking wannabes who rave about a $7 piece of crap but fail to seem to be able to make strategic investments in their businesses. Not all of course…but LOTS of them.

      Again…in my video I lay out my strategy of creating new sites to leverage existing Resell Rights products and maybe a few new small products and projects.

      I don’t want folks to feel like this is for everybody because nothing is. But if your plans are similar to mine and you want to build simple sites, the deal is good.

      I’ll close by saying that I’ve been getting swift responses from support. And if you don’t like it, ask for a refund right away…no harm, no foul.

      Thanks again for the excellent points Mike!


  3. Casey Conrad


    I have not watched the entire demo yet and will do that tomorrow when I have an hour–so, if you answer this question there forgive my asking. “Does this integrate with 1SC?” I see the people above talked about their struggle with not yet making the switch to IS and thought this might solve their frustration in that department. 1SC has actually been fine for my A/R purposes and payment portal, as I don’t have huge or complex funnels at the moment.



  4. Lon Naylor

    Hi Casey,

    I don’t see 1 Shopping Cart (1SC) on the list of payment gateways…sorry!


  5. Nat Couropmitree

    Creating new wordpress sites that never quite look like they do in the editor IS quite frustrating and time consuming. It’s probably the number 1 reason I don’t sell more stuff; just the thought of integrating all the components just makes me want to run the other way.

    I appreciated your honest non-salesy review of the SiteSales System. I checked it out and ended up getting it.

    All the best,

  6. Mike King

    Be careful if you think you can just refund this if you’re not happy. I’ve been waiting since 17th July for a refund. Sitesales agree I am entitled to a refund but they still haven’t stumped up (it is now August 7th). Mike Filsaime in his sales literature states categorically that he will send your money back ‘in a snap’ if you’re not happy for any reason. My experience suggests this is not true.


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