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Camtasia 9 Editing Text

Maybe you’re like me…NOT a big fan of the Camtasia 8 “Text Editor” interface? I’m happy to report that I’m much happier with how text is edited in Camtasia 9! You just edit it right in-place on the Canvas and there are some nice advantages to this. That being said…there are a few “gotchyas” working […]

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Camtasia 9 Hotkeys

If you’re like me, you would be a fan of using software “hotkeys” to perform tasks quickly instead of wielding my mouse all over the screen to click buttons & stuff. CTRL-C for Copy and CTRL-V for Paste are handy common examples and they still work the same in Camtasia 9. In this Episode tutorial, […]

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Camtasia 9 Playhead Snapping

Working on the timeline in Camtasia and making edits often requires a degree of precision in lining up elements to each other. The handiest feature for doing this is Playhead “Snapping” which automatically “snaps” the playhead position exactly to things like callouts, markers, clips, etc. While the feature still exists in Camtasia 9, by default […]

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Camtasia 9 Library Do-Over

Here’s the issue we’re going to look at today: When you first install and open Camtasia 9, you will immediately notice some big changes in your Library…In fact, it’s completely new! And while that, in and of itself, is kinda awesome…right? What if you’ve been using the Library in Camtasia 8 for the last 4 years […]

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Camtasia 9 Recorder SAVE Options

Camtasia 9 Survival Guide: Episode #2 “What Happened To My Camtasia Recordings?” One of the first things you’ll run into when using Camtasia 9 to create videos is that the Recorder now acts very differently by default. This may very well leave you literally scratching your head and saying, “HUH?” Let’s cover why that is and […]

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Camtasia 9 Survival Guide – Welcome

Welcome to the Camtasia 9 Survival Guide! My name is Lon Naylor and I’ll be your host 😉 This series is designed to help you migrate from Camtasia 8 to the newest version, Camtasia 9 on the Windows platform as painlessly as possible. This Guide will consist of a series of video tutorials on blog posts […]

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