TXT Video Review

This year, I started seeing some very interesting videos show up in my Facebook news feed.

They were from a page called TXT Stories and they are hilarious! Basically, they are videos of smartphone texting conversations and, as you might imagine, some of those conversations are “interesting”.

I liked the concept so much I even tried to replicate it in Camtasia but it turned out to be kind of a nightmare…

But now, my good friends at DropMock have released a pretty sweet app called TXT Video:


Here’s my quick review & additional thoughts:


While I think this is new & interesting, I can totally see tons of people kicking these out and the real possibility of them becoming rather saturated in the video space (like the whiteboard drawing videos of a few years ago).

Lots of folks will just create them as is and plaster them everywhere. But as video marketers, we can do and add things to break up the display content and make them much more unique and interesting.

For example, if you go to Pexels (https://videos.pexels.com/search/smartphone) and search for “smartphone”, you will find lots of public domain video footage that can be mixed in with the plain text display videos that TXT Video creates!

So, I’m looking at this product as another video content creation tool to use in grander projects as opposed to create complete videos using only the software.

I’ve always been absolutely happy with the level of DropMock products and TXT Video seems to be no exception.

There are good tutorials and their support has always been top notch for me.



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