Viddyoze 2.0 Reopens for a LIMITED Time


One of my favorite video animation tools of 2016 has re-opened their launch deal for just a couple of days:

CHECK OUT –> Viddyoze 2.0


The animation videos with alpha transparency (i.e. “overlays”) will not work in Camtasia 9 but are ok in Camtasia 8 if you have QuickTime.

I put together a bunch of bonus content for this when it originally launched back in July. And I’m going to do something a little different for this very short re-launch:

I’m giving away the bonus content even if you don’t purchase!


Because there is a lot of useful information about using video animation assets in general that I think everyone can benefit from.

So, here are links to the free assets I created, tips, tutorials, and my bonus webinar replays:

The replay for my Bonus Workshop Webinar from
Monday July 11th is ready. You can watch it HERE:

==> Bonus Webinar Replay #1

I created it in Camtasia Studio using Markers and a
Table Of Contents so you can easily get to parts you
are interested in…

Here are the links we discussed during the webinar:


Using Video Filters:

Text To Images:

Leaderboard Update Sample Video:

Multi-Color Trick:

The second Viddyoze Bonus Webinar Replay is posted.
You can watch it HERE:


If you have missed any of the Updates from me
they are all on this page:

I’ve also uploaded the Pre-Done Library Assets.
Click the link below and Save it to your hard drive:

Then, in Camtasia Studio, go to FileLibrary
Import Zipped Library.

Navigate to where you saved the file, and Open it.

Camtasia will install it in your Library in
a folder called “Viddyoze Assets 1

And here are the other links discussed on the webinar:

Transparency Clips:

Extruded LED Sample (NOTE: Just Request Access if you
don’t already have it and I’ll add you):

PresenterMedia (Awesome resource!):


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