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I’ve purchased and done some pretty extensive testing on an interesting app that creates video “galleries” called VideoHub.

1. CHECK OUT ==> VideoHub Gallery Creatorvideohub-box

This cloud-based software app lets you quickly and easily create “gallery” pages to showcase your videos. The key is that they are REALLY easy to create with no coding required and integrate with autoresponders for list building, Facebook tabs, stand-alone video pages, and also do Facebook retargeting.


For my testing, I created live samples of each of the page types. I did these without much advanced modification to see what the “out-of-the-box” results would be.

Test #1: Link to VideoHub hosted Gallery on Facebook Tab:

See it here ==>



Test #2: Link to VideoHub hosted Gallery Page:

See it here ==>


Test #3: WordPress Post Test:

See it here ==>


There are a couple more (HTML hosted on my server and a nice little Embed Code) but they both work fine…you get the idea…


1. Pretty easy and straightforward to create & configure.

2. API integration is quick & slick. Connected up successfully to my Aweber, GetResponse, and GoToWebinar accounts.

3. Amazon S3 setup is a breeze (as long as you have your keys documented!) and let me select any video I have stored there. Tutorial is weak but I kinda knew how to do it in general.

4. A “gallery” page or tab with value-added video samples seems like it might be an effective list building tool. Other uses would be portfolio pages, tutorial product pages (it’s what they use for their Help videos).

5. You can host the content pretty much anywhere and in multiple ways (FaceBook page tab, WordPress, website, or with an embed code) and if you make a modification in the Dashboard, it shows up everywhere.


1. This is kinda a biggie and I’m not sure if it is just me but…I can’t seem to get the YouTube embed code to work. This is to select individual and specific videos from YT (which is what I would want to do). I copy / paste the embed code but the video doesn’t show up in the list. I will submit a Support Ticket. I can still get videos from YT but only on a Channel or User basis and then have to wade through them and select…if it really doesn’t work, I would imagine this will be fixed immediately. I will verify.

UPDATE: This works now! Awesome. Makes it super easy to add specific videos to your gallery.

2. The tutorial videos are pretty weak. Kinda vague, general info. I really wish software developers would hire out tutorial videos to e-learning tutorial specialists for a professional job instead of just firing up Camtasia and winging through some stuff.

3. I’m still playing with the so-called ViDiO technology of the player. At first glance, the quality seemed fuzzy but it seems to adapt quickly and then jump to HD?

OVERALL: Recommended if you want to try a rather different list building tactic with your video content.

Check it out HERE ==>

I’d love to hear you comments and/or questions!

– Lon Naylor


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